Here’s how to migrate your site 80% faster - Using Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru is the fastest and most reliable way to migrate a WordPress site. It is a free WordPress migration plugin, which ensures crash proof migrations of websites of any size to and from any web hosts. It is, quite honestly, the simplest way due to its one click migration method.

With over 500,000+ total migrations, 400,000+ sites migrated, 100,000+ hours saved and a 99.99% success rate, 0 risks, you cannot go wrong with Migrate Guru!

My personal favourite feature from Migrate Guru is the high speed at which large sites over 250GB get migrated.

What Migrate Guru can do

  • Whatever your current migration solution is, it cannot be faster than a One click Migration process with Migrate Guru.
  • Since Migrate Guru servers are used, there is no overload on your site
  • It is very easy to transfer large sites of the order 200GB and more, even.
  • Multi-sites, or sites with serialised data do not require any charges. There are no addons required here.
  • It can handle serialised data with accuracy using Search and Replace.
  • Migration between any Web hosts such as WP Engine, SiteGround, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Flywheel, Pantheon and so on is feasible.
  • Migrate Guru gives you actual real time progress and email alerts regarding your site migrations.

Why Migrate Guru is better for you

  1. Ease of Use: It is just a one-click migration process
  2. Speed:  It is 100% guaranteed to be 80% faster than your current solution.
  3. Reliability: You are assured of crashless migrations. You can move more than 200GB sites without any worries.  
  4. FREE! There is no catch whatsoever. This WordPress website migrate plugin is and will always be completely free.

How to migrate websites using Migrate Guru

  1. Install Migrate Guru from WordPress plugins. Select the web host you are migrating to.

  1. Fill out the Migrate Guru migration form. The details will be credentials known to you from accessing your destination web host.

  1. Click on Migrate.

Plugin Repo Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/migrate-guru/

Quick Video Tour: Migrate Guru

Download WordPress Migration plugin Migrate Guru.

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