100 Tips For Saving Money

No matter where you are on your financial journey, you need to know that it’s possible for anyone to turn their financial life around. Sometimes all it takes is that first step in the right direction to get things moving in your favor. But, as with most things, sometimes that very first step is the ... Read more

The biggest mistake people make in investing

The main mistake that people make in investing, in my opinion, is the state of the status quo (status quo). Many things people perceive that they will continue in a straight line - we make plans and live on the impression that our current situation will be the same - the same income and higher, ... Read more

Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE)

How 'Mr. Money Mustache' Retired at Age 30 Mr. Money Mustache — Early Retirement Millennial Revolution Millennial Revolution How a 30-something couple got rich and retired by not joining home ownership cult Wealthy 30-somethings doling out financial advice breed online hate