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Comparison of Honda and Acura (both made by the Honda Motor Company): Honda: Standard line of vehicles Acura: Luxury car brand Comparison of Toyota and Lexus (both made by the Toyota Group): Toyota: Standard line of vehicles Lexus: Luxury car brand Comparison of Nissan and Infiniti (both made by Nissan Motor Corporation): Nissan: Standard line ... Read more

Car classification

C class: Toyota Corolla Honda Civic Nissan Sentra Hyundai Elantra D class (safety better than C class): Toyota Camry Honda Accord Nissan Altima Hyundai Sonata Premium class (Safety same as D class): Lexus (from Toyota) Acura (from Honda) Infiniti (from Nissan)   Links: Car classification (Wikipedia)


It is easy to find out that you are tired physically if you are running. You can rest a little and you will feel when are ready to run again. It is very easy to miss the moment when you already burnout. Burnout symptoms Irritable Indifferent Not motivated Still tired after weekend or vacation Senselessness ... Read more

Sample data

Sample addresses: 7 Happy Road 8 Infinite Loop 42 Right Way 128 Hard Drive 25 Perfect Square 11 Shortest Route 18 Other Street

Cell phone plans in Canada

Prepaid cell phone plans in Canada: Fizz (owned by Videotron) SpeakOut 7-Eleven Wireless (Rogers network) Petro Canada Mobility (Rogers network) Chatr (owned by Rogers) Fido (owned by Rogers) PC Mobile (Bell or Telus network) Koodo (owned by Telus) Virgin Mobile (owned by Bell) SpeakOut is the most cheapest prepaid cell phone plan. You pay $10 ... Read more