Tricky questions

Orange Kangaroo In Denmark Effect: A person is given a few instructions with a seemingly unlimited choice of answers. They are instructed not to reveal their chosen answers. You should then be able to predict what that person had been thinking of, to everybody's amazement. Method : Read out the following instructions to your friend ... Read more


Given a number n, for each integer i in the range from 1 to n inclusive, print one value per line as follows: If i is a multiple of both 3 and 5, print FizzBuzz. If i is a multiple of 3 (but not 5), print Fizz. If i is a multiple of 5 (but ... Read more

Get the week day later

Variable weekDaysList holds a list of weekdays, which are represented as strings. Write a function that have 2 params: weekDayCurrent (STRING) - representing the day of the week for the current day and weekDaysLater (INTEGER) - representing how many days later For example: if weekDayCurrent = “Tuesday” and weekDaysLater = 4, the function should return ... Read more