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Website status

Get info by URL: https://check-host.net/ip-info?host=https://www.bbc.com/ https://www.uptrends.com/tools/uptime https://ping.pe/bbc.com https://2ip.me/en/services/information-service/domain-information https://www.host-tracker.com/en/ic/check-http Get info by IP: https://search.censys.io/hosts/ https://2ip.me/en/services/information-service/nslookup https://2ip.me/en/services/ip-service/ping-traceroute https://2ip.me/en/services/ip-service/server-check Get DNS info: https://dnschecker.org/all-dns-records-of-domain.php?query=cdek.ru&rtype=ALL&dns=cloudflare https://dnshistory.org Subdomains check: https://subdomains.whoisxmlapi.com/ https://dnsdumpster.com/

Get the week day later

Variable weekDaysList holds a list of weekdays, which are represented as strings. Write a function that have 2 params: weekDayCurrent (STRING) - representing the day of the week for the current day and weekDaysLater (INTEGER) - representing how many days later For example: if weekDayCurrent = “Tuesday” and weekDaysLater = 4, the function should return...

Writing for web

Text should be simple, concise, and direct. Avoid the pronoun “we” Focus on the user and what they can do with your app, rather than what you or your app is doing for the user. Do: Get started with these popular posts on Google+ Don't: To get you started, we’re showing you popular posts on...

jQuery click issue on iPhone/iOS

By default jQuery click event does not work in iPhone/iOS devices in Safari/Chrome for a non-anchor element. Ways to fix it: add {cursor:pointer} CSS property to a clickable element; or add onclick="void(0)" HTML attr; And also don't forget href attr for the anchor element, otherwise it will be not trigger click event in iPhone/iOS devices...