Bonfire - is Faster CodeIgniter Development

Bonfire helps you build CodeIgniter-based PHP web applications even faster, by providing powerful tools and a beautiful interface you won't be ashamed to show your client. It is not a CMS, but a starting point for new projects that require ready-made tools.

  • Ready to customize Admin Interface.
  • User Management with Role-Based Access Control.
  • Fully Modular codebase. Built around HMVC.
  • Powerful, parent/child capable theme engine.
  • UI-based module builder.

Setup Bonfire:

Edit .htaccess and set RewriteBase:

RewriteBase /ci_bonfire/public/

Edit '/ci_bonfire/application/config/config.php' and set 'base_url':

$config['base_url'] = 'http://localhost/ci_bonfire/public/';

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