jQuery change input value on keyup

Check if input value was changed on keyup immediately (with jQuery):


    $('form input').data('val',  $('form input').val() ); // save value
    $('form input').change(function() { // works when input will be blured and the value was changed
        // console.log('input value changed');
        $('.log').append(' change');
    $('form input').keyup(function() { // works immediately when user press button inside of the input
        if( $('form input').val() != $('form input').data('val') ){ // check if value changed
            $('form input').data('val',  $('form input').val() ); // save new value
            $(this).change(); // simulate "change" event


    <input type="text" placeholder="type here to test events...">
    <div class="log">log of change and keyup events. </div>

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4 thoughts on “jQuery change input value on keyup”

    • Yes, you're right, code triggers only for keyup actions.
      You may re-write your code by remembering prev string in text input and comparing it with current.
      If these strings are different, you may trigger your custom action.


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