google search operators

search phrase: description:
"exact phrase" use quotes to search for an exact word or set of words in a specific order
-exclude add a dash (-) before a word to exclude all results that include that word. Example [jaguar -car]
You can also exclude all results from a specific site:
[ jaguar -site:wikipedia.org ]
~similar add a tilde sign (~) before the keyword to search for synonyms. [ ~food facts ] includes results for "nutrition facts"
site:site.com keyword search word "keyword" on site.com
Also search within a specific top-level domain: [ keyword site:.gov ]
"use any * word in query" use an asterisk (*) within a query as a placeholder for any unknown or "wildcard" terms
keyword1 OR keyword2 if you want to search for pages that may have just one of several words, include OR (capitalized) between the words. Without the OR, your results would typically show only pages that match both terms. Enclose phrases in quotes to search for either one of several phrases: [ "world cup 2014" OR "olympics 2014" ]
filetype:pdf keyword search word "keyword" inside of pdf-files
define:keyword defenition
cache:site.com cached page
link:site.com links to site or page
info:site.com info about site or page
related:site.com related sites
1 inch to cm converter
180*15/100 calculator
weather London weather in the city


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