Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the license?

A: The license is MIT Open Source.

Q: Which browsers are supported?

A: Flexify supports latest versions of modern browsers. This includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Q: What about support of Internet Explorer?

A: Microsoft does not support Internet Explorer 10 and below anymore. Microsoft is planning to stop supporting IE 11 soon. The percentage of IE usage is about few percents combined and decreasing. It does not worth it to maintain these browsers anymore.

Q: Why do I need to use it if there are Bootstrap/Foundation/Etc?

A: I was using Bootstrap for a long time and was pretty happy about it. But there are some things I missed in Bootstrap: simplicity, CSS dropdown menu which works on hover and not on click, etc. Every classname in Flexify is prefixed with [fx-] prefix for avoiding conflicts with other frameworks/libraries. You may use Flexify with another framework on the same project.

Q: Why Flexbox?

A: Flexbox provides simpler and more flexible layout options in CSS. More specifically, it provides:

  • Easy vertical alignment of content within a parent element.
  • Easy reordering of content across devices and screen resolutions with the help of media queries.
  • Easy CSS-only equal height columns for your grid-based layouts.
  • No need to clear floats.

Q: Why CSS and not SCSS/SASS/other preprocessor/ctc?

To run SCSS you need to install:

  • Ruby
  • SASS gem
  • NPM
  • Node.js
  • etc...

To avoid installing all of that you can simply use CSS.