JetBrains Intellij IDEA shortcuts

  • Cmnd + Optn + L = Code reformat
  • Cmnd + Shft + F = Find in path
  • Cmnd + Shft + O = Open file

Jump to matching HTML tag or brace

  • Opt+Command+[ (Ctrl+[ for PC) goes to the opening tag or opening brace
  • Opt+Command+] (Ctrl+] for PC) goes to the closing tag or closing brace
  • Double Shift - Search Everywhere. Quickly find any file, action, symbol, tool window, or setting in IntelliJ IDEA, in your project, and in the current Git repository.
  • Ctrl+Shift+A - Find Action. Find a command and execute it, open a tool window, or search for a setting.
  • Alt+Enter - Show Context Actions. Quick-fixes for highlighted errors and warnings, intention actions for improving and optimizing your code.
  • Ctrl+Alt+L - Reformat Code. Reformat the whole file or the selected fragment according to the current code style settings.
  • Ctrl+W /or/ Ctrl+Shift+W - Extend or shrink selection. Increase or decrease the scope of selection according to specific code constructs.
  • Alt+F7 - Find Usages. Show all places where a code element is used across your project.

Live templates (Located at Preferences =} Live templates):

Type: AnyVariable.log and hit ENTER. You should have: console.log(AnyVariable);

Actions on save

Go to: Preferences // Tools // Actions on save: // Enable "Reformat code" and "Optimize code"

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