PHP parse XML

XML sample (songs.xml):

    <song date="2010-03-10 10:20:15">
        <title>A Day in the Life</title>
        <artist>The Beatles</artist>
    <song date="2012-05-15 12:30:30">
        <title>In The Ghetto</title>
        <artist>Elvis Presley</artist>
    <song date="2014-07-20 14:40:45">
        <title>Live Forever</title>

PHP code to parse XML:

$songs = simplexml_load_file('xml/songs.xml');

echo '<ul>';
foreach ($songs as $song):
	echo '<li>'.$song->title.' by <strong>'.$song->artist.'</strong> ('.$song['date'].')</li>';
echo '</ul>';


  • A Day in the Life by The Beatles (2010-03-10 10:20:15)
  • In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley (2012-05-15 12:30:30)
  • Live Forever by Oasis (2014-07-20 14:40:45)

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