Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - General notes

Focus on users and not on search engines.

If site will be usable for users than the site will be higher on results.

Bounce rate - is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Search engines (like Google or Yahoo) rely on bounce rate a lot. The page will be moved to lower positions next time in the search results if bounce rate is high and users are not happy with the content. Super fancy and popular words on the page will not help you to keep the top positions in the search results if a lot of users will navigate back to search engine after spending few seconds on page.

Speak user’s language, not robot’s language

Think about users while creating content. Will user search "Tesla automobile maximum velocity" or "Tesla car max speed"?

Try to keep the page title short and meaningful

User will see only first 60 chars of page title in search results. Try to put only important info into it. No need to put half of the article into it because it won’t give you any benefit at all.

Place proper links

Nobody will search the page by words “click here” or “read more”. The word inside the link are very important for search engines to organize the content in web.

Separate content per pages

No need to put a lot of information about bicycles and roller blades, if your page mostly about electric vehicles. You may create separate pages about bicycles and roller blades and place links to that pages.

Do you like your content?

Ask yourself: would you like the content if you would be the visitor?

Do not use meta keywords

Google is ignoring meta keywords for years. And Google handles about 90% of all search requests.

Matt Cutts, Google software engineer about Google and meta tags:

Do not use meta description

Google does not include meta description for ranking. Google only use it sometimes for showing as a snippet in the search results. And in majority of cases meta description is just a first sentence of the content. My advice is to drop meta description support and focus on writing good content.

Without meta description your page will load a little bit faster and your server will serve a little bit less traffic. And also google and other search engines will index your website a little bit faster.

And please keep the web clean

Update or delete the page if the information on the page is not relevant today. Please don't make visitors disappointing or confused.

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