Do not use text-align:justify for reading text. Justified text looks terrible with huge gaps between words.

Do not use text-transform:uppercase for reading text. Uppercased text harder to read than not uppercased.

Do not use font-family:serif for reading text. Serif font is harder to read than Sans-serif.

Do not use small font-size for reading text. Small font is hard to read.

Make every article as short as posible. The less the article is - the more people will read it. Articles should be short and informative because people does not like long and not informative articles because short and informative articles better then long and not informative ones because long articles could be more shorter and not informative articles could be more informative and also people does not like long sentances which could be splitted into shorter ones.

Read content before you post it into web. Gogoel does not saerch perfeclty contetn with mistakse.

Do not mix content and ads. Always Coca-Cola. Label ads as "ads".

What is interesting for you could not be interested for others. Last week was very hot in my town.

Delete old and not needed information - do not leave garbage in the web. Download Windows 2000, it's fast and secure.

All navigation elements should be recognized without hovering mouse over them.

All links should be underlined and non-links shouldn't be underline. Links should be with different color and link's color shouldn't be used somewhere else. User should understand where is the link and where is not without hovering the mouse over it. Dashed underline means that the link is interactive and after click on it user will see something without reloading the page. For interactive elements span can be used instead of link.

If something is looks like a table, tha do it with "table" tag. Do not emulate div-s like table with style="display:table-cell". If something is interactive link and does not redirect you nowhere and just show interactive tricks (like showing login form after click without reloading page) than do it with span with javascript functions hooked to click on it. Don't do it with link with "javascript:void(0)" or "onclick:return=false" in it.

Write text for people and not for Google. People don't like when they searched information about ferrari and they came to page, which was written to trap the visitors from Google and to sell them ferrari.

Interactivity and not animation. Animation does not help to read content.

Do not play sound on pages. Most users already listen to their music in their players.

Do not fool your users. Users like the truth.

Users rarely scroll homepage. But they scroll other pages.

People do not search content by the words "here" or "more". At first you should write readable text and then you should put links in it.

If you did something then try to test it by yourself and you will see the list of first bugs.

Good design advice.

Main principles of everything (in this sequence):

  1. functionality
  2. usability
  3. simplicity
  4. visual design

Main principles in coding (in this sequence):

  1. readability
  2. predictability
  3. consistency
  4. DRY (don't repeat yourself)
  5. KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
  6. loose coupling
  7. remove not needed
  8. less code - better (less errors, easier support, cleaner API)

UI principles

  1. recognizible UI elements (inputs looks like inputs and so on)
  2. unchangable navigation (position, order and look of the navigation is same on every page)

It is better to have the color of the visited links different than the non-visited links. User actually believes on/requires Recognition rather than recall : one of the Human Computer Interaction principle.

The theory of visual hierarchy is the idea that the most important element is the most prominent.

Good thing is the balance between minimalism, usability and functionality.

90% of users does not change default settings. So product should work out of box with default configurations.

Only 1% of users create something (create content, write comments, send feedbacks etc).

Decisions not Options (c) WordPress

Perfect options chooser for user:

  • ( ) awesome
  • (*) extremely awesome

Do not use minified version of scripts and styles, because it does not worth it. You will lose few kilobytes with not minified files only with first page load, but you will save much time on developing.

Abstraction captures only those details about an object that are relevant to the current perspective.

Composition is better that inheritance.

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