enable "remember me" by default

Why isn't the “remember me” checkbox in login forms enabled by default?

On most part of sites "remember me" checkbox in login form is disabled by default. Most part of users after login would like to stay logged in. It annoys users each time to enter username and password just because user forget to check "remember me" checkbox.

Why not just enable "remember me" checkbox by default?

If user does not want to be remembered, he can just uncheck the checkbox.

"remember me" checkbox in Gmail login forms is disabled by default, but if user login and enable it - than this choice is saved to cookies and "rem me" will be enabled by default during next login.

David from 37signals about “Remember me”:

Has the time come to kill the “Remember me” check box and just assume that people using shared computers will simply logout?

I created WordPress plugin which enables "remember me" by default. So you may use it if you want to.

"remember me" is enabled by default on Basecamp login page.

enable remember-me by default

How about default it to checked instead of unchecked at least.

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