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CMS usage statistics: WordPress is used on the 32% of the top 1 million web-sites. WordPress CMS market share: 60%.

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  • mostly as a cms - 87% in 2014 (was 89% in 2013)
  • mostly as a blog - 20% in 2014 (was 26% in 2013)
  • mostly as an app platform- 5% in 2014 (was 6% in 2013)

WordPress learning courses:

  • http://www.lynda.com
  • http://wp101.com
  • http://bobwp.com
  • http://wpsessions.com
  • http://ostraining.com

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25 thoughts on “WordPress”

  1. Hey - awesome Anti-Spam plugin, so simple... install and BOOM! It works. Thanks :). ...So I just manually used slick.js today on my site, then found your Magic Slider after - looks VERY cool, gonna have to try it soon here. I actually had trouble with bxslider.js last week... something with the load order of scripts. Just starred your github to look it thru.

  2. Hi, I hope I'm writing in the right section because of a problem related to the plugin IFRAME by webvitaly.
    I activated the plugin on my website in order to add link from a famous seller site to my posts, but instead of a pretty picture with the link incorporated I only see a grey frame without any link. I can paste the link if it's only text, but I would like to have a more beautiful link and I can't.
    Can you please help me?
    Thank you very much!


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