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Plugin adds "Extra shortcodes": [bloginfo show="name"], [site_title], [site_desc], [site_url], [date format="Y-m-d"], [time], [year], [month], [month_name], [day], [weekday].

  • [bloginfo show="name"] - bloginfo params;
  • [site_name] - Name of the site;
  • [site_desc] - Description of the site;
  • [site_url] - http://site.url;
  • [wp_version] - 3.3.1 (WordPress version);
  • [date format="Y-m-d"] - php date format params;
  • [date format="F" timestamp="+1 months"] - April (on March);
  • [date format="Y-m-d" timestamp="+25 days"] - 2012-04-23 (on 2012-03-29);
  • [date format="Y" timestamp="+1 years"] - 2013 (on 2012);
  • [time format="H:i:s"] - php time format params;
  • [year] - 2012, [year plus="3"] - 2015, [year minus="2"] - 2010;
  • [month] - 3 (in march), [month plus="3"] - 6, [month minus="2"] - 1, [month plus="11"] - 12 (12 is maximum and it is not looped by default), [month plus="11" loop="1"] - 2 (14, but with loop it becomes 2=14-12);
  • [month_name] - March;
  • [day] - 8, [day plus="3"] - 11, [day minus="2"] - 6, [day plus="30"] - 31 (31 is maximum number of days for current month and it is not looped by default), [day plus="30" loop="1"] - 7 (38, but with loop it becomes 7=38-31);
  • [weekday] - Friday;
  • [hours] - 17;
  • [minutes] - 35;
  • [seconds] - 59;

37 thoughts on “Extra Shortcodes”

  1. Hi,

    I need to put the blog post day above the blog post month. Do you have a separate shortcode for post day and for post month?

    Thank you!


  2. Hi there,

    Is there any shortcode to show which week it is? Like now it is week 13, that would be great if you could tell me how to do that!


  3. Hello, very useful plugin, thank you. I have a question. How could I show the name if the day and the month in the language I want? Now it shows in english and I want in spanish. Greetings from Chile.

  4. Love it - wish this had a Birthday feature - so you could define a date in the past and have WordPress / PHP calculate the number of years *since* that date.

    In business for [birthday_year="2002"] years.

    Renders as:
    In business for 12 years.

    • Don't see the code that you referred to.

      I am like Kel, what is a solution to show number of years in business or such.

      Like he suggested:

      In business [code ] years.

      Output as

      In business 15 years.

      I tried using the timestamp options using a timestamp="-1997" but it outputs 70 when it should be outputting 17 (INO). That business start year is 1997. Thanks

  5. Hi, your extension Extra-Shortcode is wonderful, but there is a trouble... if I switch from "Source editor mode" into "HTML Viewer mode", my Shortcodes are automatically modified and break my links :(
    Please, can you fix this ?

    • Sorry, but I don't know right now how to fix it.
      Maybe I will find out in future and this will be fixed in next releases of the plugin.

      • I hope you find a solution to this very quickly, because it is very disabling :(

        I tried to add something in "function.php" but it doesn't work...

        All is stripped :(

  6. oh my god thank you! All afternoon I've been trying to mess with php code to get something working on my site and just 5 mins after downloading this plugin my problem is solved! Where's the donate button!

    • Update your "Extra-shortcodes" plugin to version 1.2
      and try this shortcode: [month_name plus="2"]

      You may also use this shortcode:
      [date format="l jS \\of F Y h:i:s A" timestamp="+2 years +3 months -20 days -10 hours +30 minutes"]

    • Hello Arjan, if you go to WordPress Settings > General > Timezone to set the timezone, this lets Extra-shortcodes know what local time is. Great Plugin, Thanks!!

      • Any chance you can do this to make sure the timezone is getting read correctly?

        before everything
        date_default_timezone_set( get_option( 'timezone_string' ) );


        set it back

        • get_option( 'timezone_string' ); - returns empty string and this option is empty in database.
          date_default_timezone_set( get_option( 'timezone_string' ) ); - throw an error.
          What I am making wrong?
          I use WordPress 3.8.1 and enabled debug mode.

          • As far as I know by default it should be UTC by default unless the user has set that in their admin. Maybe the code I wrote above is not foolproof and you would have to test if the timezone_string is infact set, if it is then do the date_default_timezone_set. Basically if I didn't do the above I had all my times in the timezone of the computer not the time I'd set in my wordpress admin.


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