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activetab theme description:

  • responsive and clean
  • two columns, right sidebar, fixed or static multi-level drop down menu
  • widget-ready sidebar and footer areas
  • 2 extra page templates: 'full width (no sidebar)', 'redirect to first subpage'
  • support for: custom background, custom header, custom menu, editor style, post thumbnails, microformats, rtl language support, sticky posts and threaded-comments
  • automatic rss-feeds in the head section, added rss-feed links for posts, comments, categories, tags and authors
  • all site elements are intuitive and users will use the site more easily
  • correct html5 document structure for better search engine indexing
  • translation ready; Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew and German translations included
  • includes a sample WordPress Child theme for rapid development
  • this site is powered by activetab theme

bundled resources:

images used:

24 comments on “activetab WordPress theme

      1. webvitaly

        You should add wp_pagenavi() template tag where you need 1-2-3 navigation.
        And also use child theme to use modification because update will override your modifications.

    1. craiglerr

      wow its nice plugin and i am using in in my blogger template here [URL address was here]

      1. webvitaly

        Hello, dear spammer Craigler.
        I removed URL address from your comment and I will keep this comment just for fun :)

        Your email: pinscribd@gmail.com; Your IP:; Your location: Pakistan, Punjab, Faisalabad, using "Pakistan Telecommuication Company Limited".

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  2. In the theme options., then code section. You have header code and footer code. Can i customize this area with text or graphic. Better yet what can I do in this area. I am looking to change my design and font color for my site title and tagline. Can i do it from this section?

    1. In the code header and footer sections you may insert style and scripts.
      You may insert for example such code and you can change the style of any site element

      .body {
      color: blue;

      But {style} tags should be in html format, I used {} because WordPress hides some html tags.

        1. webvitaly

          I still did not get what is wrong.
          1) What do you expect to see?
          2) What did you got?

  3. Activetab is the theme for my website. I would like to alter the logo of my title The Retired Affiliate, but I can't find out how to do this. Can you help me?

      1. I have visited the above link but I can't find the tab "Design". Sorry to be a nuisance but can you be more specific.
        Where do I look for the tab "design"?

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